• Legacy Project

    Meningitis Statement Dress designed by Laurie Elyse Collection 2012

  • Mrs. Ethnic World Int. 2012

    Daisi and Lovern Augustine (Mrs. Ethnic World Int. 2011)

  • Reunion of beauties

    Daisi P. Sepulveda-Low, Annlyn Apolonio (Queen of the Jewel-Miss Belize), Miss Belizeans United of L.A. and Miss Tropical California 2012

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Queen of the Jewel

Following in many of her Caribbean sister queens footsteps, Annlyn Apolonio celebrated as we wished her well, gave her words of advice and encouragement before she took off to China to represent Belize at Miss International.

The Tin Box “A Story of Texas Cattle and Oil”

As the great granddaughter of Jerome Aredell Williams, I am publishing the 2nd Edition of The Tin Box to illustrate the relationship between legacy and leadership. My goal with The Tin Box is to help people uncover their roots so they can tap into their “Legacy Motivation” so they can fulfill their dreams and life purpose.

Jerome Aredell William’s, “The Tin Box” represents the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of people from all walks of life. 
Since the penning of  “The Tin Box” there have been generations of entrepreneur’s from his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but what is beyond the obvious is that a piece of work like The Tin Box proves that the entrepreneurial spirit and the gift of leadership starts with legacy, the pride of honoring where  you come from and the responsibility to carry and improve upon that legacy. 

The Tin Box was one of the first novels independently self published by an African -American. The Tin Box was first published in Houston, Texas in 1958 during the Civil Rights Movement however, the novel doesn’t depict the struggles for equality in Texas. Instead Jerome narrates the story of the right of passage a young woman must take in order to honor her birthright and illustrate leadership among her employees and community. Classified as historical fiction, The Tin Box is considered a Texas classic that depicts many of the hardships and events that where common place in 1930’s Texas and throughout the generations of Jerome’s descendants. The message in The Tin Box is timeless: in times of disparity, hardship and life’s odds, never give up, never give in and never give up the desire to win. 

Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo

Congratulations California Ethnic World 2013 Queens!

This was my first appearance with 2 of the newly crowned California Ethnic World Queens for 2013. As an International Queen, I spent the day with them at the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo touring the vendors, waving and doing photo -opts. It was a fun filled day! I am glad to see the girls off to a bright start!

To see my weekend review of the LA Ultimate Women’s Expo, watch “My Life In Vlogs” here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npdUxL_nCJ0

Mothers In Action

Myself and several of the contestants for the California Ethnic World preliminary State pageant spect the morning volunteering in the Skid Row neighborhood with the non-profit organization, Mothers In Action. During the morning hours we feed 100 hundreds of people, provided entertainment, spiritual guidance and kind words of encouragement. At the end of our volunteer project, I felt inspired by the people and community we provided for. 

Thank you, Mothers in Action for coordinating and incorporating us into the days events and Thank you sister queens for your time and generous effort!

Give Kids A Shot! NMA Honorary Committee Member

In unity of World Meningitis Day, I was honored to participate as an Honorary Committee Member for the National Meningitis Associations, Give Kids A Shot gala. Myself along with other notable individuals came together in the fight against meningitis. As the Honorary Committee Member, I donated my “Meningitis Dress” and jewelry designed for me by Laurie Elyse of Laurie Elyse Collection to the live auction held during the gala. The proceeds from the dress and jewelry went to the NMA.


Diva Ambassador

In building awareness for those that have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, Daisi will join Divas In Defense for their annual Kicks & Cocktails Party in honor of Sexual Assault  Awareness Month taking place April 16th, 2012 at Cana Run Bar at 714 W. Olympic Blvd in Downtown, Los Angeles. The event will be hosted by Jim Chimere and James Logan.

Working as a Diva Ambassador for the self defense program created exclusively for women, Daisi’s duty is to raise awareness about domestic violence to women of all ages.The reigning Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012 (Jamaica)  has been spending her year promoting her platform of "Legacy", empowering young girls and women to lead in the changes they want to create in their lives. For women who have been victims of violence this message is extremely important. “Most women have come into contact with some kind of physical or verbal assualt and/or abuse in their lives. Divas In Defense makes standing up for yourself more attractive and less conflicting with the image of being a woman,” says Daisi.

Lovaboy Album Release Party

Miss Teen Ethnic World International 2011, Adriane StClair joined me is supporting my fellow Caribbean entertainment leaders. We attended Lovaboy’s Album release party and launch of his RED clothing apparel. The food and festivities were great but most importantly was the purpose od encouraging our Caribbean brothers and sisters to strive to accomplish great things.