• Legacy Project

    Meningitis Statement Dress designed by Laurie Elyse Collection 2012

  • Mrs. Ethnic World Int. 2012

    Daisi and Lovern Augustine (Mrs. Ethnic World Int. 2011)

  • Reunion of beauties

    Daisi P. Sepulveda-Low, Annlyn Apolonio (Queen of the Jewel-Miss Belize), Miss Belizeans United of L.A. and Miss Tropical California 2012

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Queen of the Jewel

Following in many of her Caribbean sister queens footsteps, Annlyn Apolonio celebrated as we wished her well, gave her words of advice and encouragement before she took off to China to represent Belize at Miss International.

The Tin Box “A Story of Texas Cattle and Oil”

As the great granddaughter of Jerome Aredell Williams, I am publishing the 2nd Edition of The Tin Box to illustrate the relationship between legacy and leadership. My goal with The Tin Box is to help people uncover their roots so they can tap into their “Legacy Motivation” so they can fulfill their dreams and life purpose.

Jerome Aredell William’s, “The Tin Box” represents the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of people from all walks of life. 
Since the penning of  “The Tin Box” there have been generations of entrepreneur’s from his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but what is beyond the obvious is that a piece of work like The Tin Box proves that the entrepreneurial spirit and the gift of leadership starts with legacy, the pride of honoring where  you come from and the responsibility to carry and improve upon that legacy. 

The Tin Box was one of the first novels independently self published by an African -American. The Tin Box was first published in Houston, Texas in 1958 during the Civil Rights Movement however, the novel doesn’t depict the struggles for equality in Texas. Instead Jerome narrates the story of the right of passage a young woman must take in order to honor her birthright and illustrate leadership among her employees and community. Classified as historical fiction, The Tin Box is considered a Texas classic that depicts many of the hardships and events that where common place in 1930’s Texas and throughout the generations of Jerome’s descendants. The message in The Tin Box is timeless: in times of disparity, hardship and life’s odds, never give up, never give in and never give up the desire to win. 

Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo

Congratulations California Ethnic World 2013 Queens!

This was my first appearance with 2 of the newly crowned California Ethnic World Queens for 2013. As an International Queen, I spent the day with them at the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo touring the vendors, waving and doing photo -opts. It was a fun filled day! I am glad to see the girls off to a bright start!

To see my weekend review of the LA Ultimate Women’s Expo, watch “My Life In Vlogs” here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npdUxL_nCJ0

Mothers In Action

Myself and several of the contestants for the California Ethnic World preliminary State pageant spect the morning volunteering in the Skid Row neighborhood with the non-profit organization, Mothers In Action. During the morning hours we feed 100 hundreds of people, provided entertainment, spiritual guidance and kind words of encouragement. At the end of our volunteer project, I felt inspired by the people and community we provided for. 

Thank you, Mothers in Action for coordinating and incorporating us into the days events and Thank you sister queens for your time and generous effort!

Give Kids A Shot! NMA Honorary Committee Member

In unity of World Meningitis Day, I was honored to participate as an Honorary Committee Member for the National Meningitis Associations, Give Kids A Shot gala. Myself along with other notable individuals came together in the fight against meningitis. As the Honorary Committee Member, I donated my “Meningitis Dress” and jewelry designed for me by Laurie Elyse of Laurie Elyse Collection to the live auction held during the gala. The proceeds from the dress and jewelry went to the NMA.


Diva Ambassador

In building awareness for those that have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, Daisi will join Divas In Defense for their annual Kicks & Cocktails Party in honor of Sexual Assault  Awareness Month taking place April 16th, 2012 at Cana Run Bar at 714 W. Olympic Blvd in Downtown, Los Angeles. The event will be hosted by Jim Chimere and James Logan.

Working as a Diva Ambassador for the self defense program created exclusively for women, Daisi’s duty is to raise awareness about domestic violence to women of all ages.The reigning Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012 (Jamaica)  has been spending her year promoting her platform of "Legacy", empowering young girls and women to lead in the changes they want to create in their lives. For women who have been victims of violence this message is extremely important. “Most women have come into contact with some kind of physical or verbal assualt and/or abuse in their lives. Divas In Defense makes standing up for yourself more attractive and less conflicting with the image of being a woman,” says Daisi.

Lovaboy Album Release Party

Miss Teen Ethnic World International 2011, Adriane StClair joined me is supporting my fellow Caribbean entertainment leaders. We attended Lovaboy’s Album release party and launch of his RED clothing apparel. The food and festivities were great but most importantly was the purpose od encouraging our Caribbean brothers and sisters to strive to accomplish great things.   

Meningitis Statement Dress

This is the most heart felt project I have ever done. Along with my jewelry sponsor and friend, Laurie Elyse we came up with the idea of doing an extra special fundraising project for a meningitis fundraiser. While organized the solicitation of photos and stories through organizations such as the National Meningitis Association and the Meningitis Foundation of America, Laurie spearheaded the design and construction of the dress.

The overskirt of the dress is composed of photos and stories of those affected with meningococcal disease. The photos were laminated and enclosed in industrial plastic. The dress is luxurious jersey knit which was designed to be worn without the over skirt for an occasion.  The over skirt was meant to be a memorial piece “In memory of”. 

The dress and complimentary jewelry was auctioned for World Meningitis Day at the Give Kids A Shot Gala in New York City.


Red Pump Project National Women & Girl’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Rock The Red Pumps Girl!

Supporting awareness, education and prevention in the most fashionable ways. International Director, Aiisha Ferguson and myself went out in full style to help raise the standards of women and girls everywhere. 

Reading Day at Union Mission

Organized by the California Director for Ethnic World, Milena Gay, Reading Day at the Skid Row Union Mission was about offering uplifting word of inspiration, encouragement and support to those that are continuously battling some of life most challenging times.   

Beauty Day at LODi (Ladies of Diversity)

Ladies of Diversity (LODi) is an organization that connects HIV positive women of color with HIV medical care. LODi is located in the Skid Row neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. As a pageant organization that support the education and awareness of AIDS/HIV amongst minority women, Ethnic World International organized a Beauty Day for the HIV positive women of LODi. The event was as beautiful as the women it served. Along with the All Dolled Up makeup team, we provided makeovers, massages and activities for all in attendance.   The objective of the event was to share the message of the diversity in beauty and community. 

As a Downtown  Los Angeles resident, I consider these women as part of my community. The work of Aiisha Ferguson Ethnic World pageants and LODi are a gem to these women and  I enjoyed seeing their smiling faces throughout the event.


Foreign Coin Collection Donation to the American Association of Young Numismatics

Here is what I donated and why?
Many people especially young people are obsessed with having money- notice I said "Having" not making, without the understanding of why they want it our what to do with it. Most people do not even know what money is made out of, where it came from or how it circulates. Foreign currency is even more of a mystery to most. Yet, foreign currency makes up most of the worlds local economies. 

Most Americans have never experienced obsolete dollars, coins or huge transitions in currency but other parts of the world have and I think it is important for people to be aware of this. Here a Dollar is a Dollar but else where I Dollar could very well not be worth a Dollar next year. 

Some of these coins I am donating have some value - other used to have a lot of value and now are worth nothing due to governmental changes, wars, etc. 

The AAYN is a group of young people that are interested in how and they way in which currency works and affects society. 

Here is a list of the coins that were donated:


Mexican Pesos $1.00
Chinese $1.00
Belgium Collector’s Coin $2.00
Soviet Union Russia USSR 10 KOPEKS - $9.99
Greece $8.00
50 Lepta Markos Botaris
Drachma Konstantinos Kanaris
1980 5 Greece Drachma Coin - $5.95
1978 2  Greece Drachma Coin $9.99
1981 Iceland Krona Coin- $9.99
Mid East (Mixed Bag) - N/A

Brazil $1.00
Canada $1.00
Ecuador $1.00
Jamaica - $1.00 
Colombia- $1.00
Uruguay - $1.00
France - $1.00
British -$1.00
Swiss - $1.00
Sweden - $1.00
Polish - $1.00
Norway - $1.00
Germany $1.00


5000 Turkish Lira - $6.00
1000 Venezuelan Bolivares -$230

1 Cedi -Bank of Ghana - $1.00

Skid Row Christmas

Organized by the President and International Director of the Ethnic World Pageants, Aiisha Ferguson; several of my sister queens and I spent the afternoon volunteering at the JWHC in Downtown Los Angeles at the Center for Community Health Downtown. The organization focuses on the health of homeless women in the Skid Row area by providing a number of services such as dental, vision, AIDS/HIV, substance abuse and mental health. 

For the holiday we were invited to help facilitate a Christmas celebration for many of the clinic clients. We served food, read poems, sang Christmas Carols and handed out gift bags and raffles.

Passing On Knowledge and Wisdom Queen of the Jewel - Miss Belize International

In true Caribbean pageant pride I contributed my knowledge, time, resources ad experience to support Queen of the Jewel, Miss Annlyn Apolonio as she set out to China to compete in one of Asia’s toughest competitions. 

Miss Annlyn spent several days with me as I mentored her through the customs of mainland China and Asian Pageantry. With the Caribbean’s spotty participation in inter-core international pageants I believe it is important to compete beyond the standard but at our best. 

Island Groove Post Thanksgiving Charity Sweat Fete Workout Special

I joined the legendary Chinyere of Island Groove and fitness queen, Kanika Nikki Utley and what a workout! A room fully of lovely ladies, all shapes, sizes and nationalities dancing traditional caribbean carnival style.  The caribbean connection is a challenging one to connect in a city as large as Los Angeles. Getting out and supporting your community is important to its  growth.

Dress for Success and the Story of the Legacy Jacket

The Story of the  Legacy Jacket.
I got this Bebe Leather Jacket several years ago during a modeling assignment. I really didn't need another black leather motorcycle jacket. Although Bebe, it was my favorite. It was a size and a half too big. So it sat in my closet for almost 3 years. Barely being worn. 

Every time I went to clean out my closet, I justified keeping the jacket because it was cool, leather - a motorcycle jacket that slightly differed from the other ones I had so I felt I had diversity and choices. And of course it was Oh so sexy Bebe! 

Until recently, when I started thinking about how I could use what I have, what I already own to help someone else. 
As Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012, I made my mission this year about "Legacy" and its significance but I didn't want it to be from a perspective of the rich giving to the poor. 

What about the ordinary person.
We are constantly over riddled with encouraging the the rich to give to the poor. So I wanted to be an example of an Ordinary person giving to another in an Ordinary way with Ordinary things. 

And so goes my barely worn leather jacket.

I posted a note on Facebook auctioning my leather jacket to the highest bidder to anyone interested in helping me purchase a new business suit to donate to Dress for Success - Worldwide West. A wonderful woman by the name of Lovern Augustine was the Leather Legacy Jacket winner! She is also my predecessor queen, Mrs. Ethnic World International 2011.

And then the Donations started rolling in from people all over just wanting to get involved and donation clothing items on my behalf to Dress for Success.  

On November 9, 2011, I delivered a wardrobe back of clothing items to the Dress for Success-Worldwide Los Angeles headquarters. I toured the headquarters with the Director, Tracey MacDonald and learned about all of the various ways Dress for Success helps women in need get back on their feet by preparing them for resume and application submissions, job interviews, job retention and beyond. 

Press for California Latina


Ladera All Star Weekend

When I received a call from Mr. John Scott to support the Ladera youth in a community based basketball tournament, I thought as Mrs. Ethnic World International it should be my duty to show that like basketball, pageantry is a sport and beauty queens are competitors too. So I took to the court with the purpose of bridging barriers of understanding between crafts.


Los Angeles Carnival

Celebrating true Caribbean style in L.A. While most caribbean celebrations take place in more densely populated cities such as New York City, Toronto, Miami, and other metropolitan areas around the world, Los Angeles’s caribbean community is spread out throughout Southern California leaving barriers to connecting the caribbean community and creating it own L.A. hub like other major cities. However, this is what makes an event like Caricabela’s Los Angeles Carnival so special.

This year I had the honor of sharing a car with Queen of the Jewel (Miss Belize) Annlyn Apolonio.

Frank Underwood Book Signing

For such a serious writer, Frank Underwood is a hilariously humorous guy. Frank released is novel, “Born of Phyre” in an intimate celebration for industry colleagues, friends and family.


Beauty & Business Party


11th Annual Southern California Women's Health Conference and Expo

One of the most attended health expos held in Los Angeles with more than 2,00 women in attendance. I was honored to share this experience with the graces of Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, Mother Love and many others. 

My participation in the expo was important to my platform of Legacy because many people, specifically women’s legacy are cut short to due poor healthcare, knowledge and resources. For me it was a symbolic duty to remind not only ethnic women but all women that health comes first. 

Invisible Children @ Live Church LA

Invisible Children are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting for the humanitarian rights of the Ugandan people. The downtown Los Angeles Live Church LA held at the Nokia Center at LA Live held a screening and speaking engagement with Invisible Children team members who carry this fight on the daily basis.

I had the honor of greeting them and offering my support in their growing efforts.

Minority AIDS Project Los Angeles

From One Queen to Another, in supporting the Ethnic World platform of HIV/AIDS awareness for all, I was invited to participate in the TransgiaDivas charity event organized by Minority AIDS Project Los Angeles. During the event I acted not only as a representative for Ethnic World but also as supporting staff assisting with the event functions to make the event an enjoyable one for all attendees.


APEX Closing Ceremony Keynote Speaker

September 08, 2013.

Within the first week of my crowning as the new Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012, I was invited to speak before the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) as the Keynote Speaker for their Mentoring Program. In following the guidelines I set for my Platform  in the beginning of my reign, the title of my speech was “Legacy and Leadership”. 

This was my second time being invited to speak before an APEX audience. Earlier 2011 I was the workshop speaker for another APEX event also focused around Leadership.