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Changing the Face Of Pageantry

“Ethnic is not limited to "black" but goes beyond being what we call, "white". It is that for which is between, inclusive and beyond both black and white for which one should not limit themselves to what they have convinced themselves of being or seeing."  - Daisi Pollard SepĂșlveda

The Ethnic World International Pageant system is an organization that promotes personal and professional development in women through celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity through the medium of pageantry.  Ethnic World International prides itself in not only promoting the cultural diversity in women around the world but the pageant company also focuses on representing the faces of women throughout all age groups and stages in life. 

Quick Facts:

  • Married: 2010 
  • Age: 32
  • Represented: Jamaica 
  • Ethnicity: Multi ethnic Jamaican-American 
  • Occupation: Professional Model and Entrepreneur 
  • Crowned: September 4, 2011, Los Angeles


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