Sunday, December 1, 2013


Dress for Success and the Story of the Legacy Jacket

The Story of the  Legacy Jacket.
I got this Bebe Leather Jacket several years ago during a modeling assignment. I really didn't need another black leather motorcycle jacket. Although Bebe, it was my favorite. It was a size and a half too big. So it sat in my closet for almost 3 years. Barely being worn. 

Every time I went to clean out my closet, I justified keeping the jacket because it was cool, leather - a motorcycle jacket that slightly differed from the other ones I had so I felt I had diversity and choices. And of course it was Oh so sexy Bebe! 

Until recently, when I started thinking about how I could use what I have, what I already own to help someone else. 
As Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012, I made my mission this year about "Legacy" and its significance but I didn't want it to be from a perspective of the rich giving to the poor. 

What about the ordinary person.
We are constantly over riddled with encouraging the the rich to give to the poor. So I wanted to be an example of an Ordinary person giving to another in an Ordinary way with Ordinary things. 

And so goes my barely worn leather jacket.

I posted a note on Facebook auctioning my leather jacket to the highest bidder to anyone interested in helping me purchase a new business suit to donate to Dress for Success - Worldwide West. A wonderful woman by the name of Lovern Augustine was the Leather Legacy Jacket winner! She is also my predecessor queen, Mrs. Ethnic World International 2011.

And then the Donations started rolling in from people all over just wanting to get involved and donation clothing items on my behalf to Dress for Success.  

On November 9, 2011, I delivered a wardrobe back of clothing items to the Dress for Success-Worldwide Los Angeles headquarters. I toured the headquarters with the Director, Tracey MacDonald and learned about all of the various ways Dress for Success helps women in need get back on their feet by preparing them for resume and application submissions, job interviews, job retention and beyond. 


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