Sunday, December 1, 2013


Foreign Coin Collection Donation to the American Association of Young Numismatics

Here is what I donated and why?
Many people especially young people are obsessed with having money- notice I said "Having" not making, without the understanding of why they want it our what to do with it. Most people do not even know what money is made out of, where it came from or how it circulates. Foreign currency is even more of a mystery to most. Yet, foreign currency makes up most of the worlds local economies. 

Most Americans have never experienced obsolete dollars, coins or huge transitions in currency but other parts of the world have and I think it is important for people to be aware of this. Here a Dollar is a Dollar but else where I Dollar could very well not be worth a Dollar next year. 

Some of these coins I am donating have some value - other used to have a lot of value and now are worth nothing due to governmental changes, wars, etc. 

The AAYN is a group of young people that are interested in how and they way in which currency works and affects society. 

Here is a list of the coins that were donated:


Mexican Pesos $1.00
Chinese $1.00
Belgium Collector’s Coin $2.00
Soviet Union Russia USSR 10 KOPEKS - $9.99
Greece $8.00
50 Lepta Markos Botaris
Drachma Konstantinos Kanaris
1980 5 Greece Drachma Coin - $5.95
1978 2  Greece Drachma Coin $9.99
1981 Iceland Krona Coin- $9.99
Mid East (Mixed Bag) - N/A

Brazil $1.00
Canada $1.00
Ecuador $1.00
Jamaica - $1.00 
Colombia- $1.00
Uruguay - $1.00
France - $1.00
British -$1.00
Swiss - $1.00
Sweden - $1.00
Polish - $1.00
Norway - $1.00
Germany $1.00


5000 Turkish Lira - $6.00
1000 Venezuelan Bolivares -$230

1 Cedi -Bank of Ghana - $1.00


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